Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Spider's Sonnet - Three Quatrains and a Couplet

The Spider’s Sonnet

Tricksy bitsy spider, climbing up the stairs,
It follows in your shadow, pretend that it’s not there,
Scuttling in your footsteps, like a tiny dancing bear,
Simple little spider, it’ll follow you anywhere.

You can feed it jitterbugs, and you can feed it flies,
You can feed it bits of flesh and watch it grow in size,
It doesn’t nag about your job, don’t have to tell no lies,
Waits on the mat till you get home, that’s such a nice surprise.

You lie in bed, the room is dark, you watch your spider leap,
Trailing bits of webs and bugs, like Bo-Peep trails her sheep,
You watch it trot around busily, your thoughts get really deep,
Then you and your spider cuddle up, and off you go to sleep.

What happens next you don’t know, and you’d never expect,
Your spider to be poisonous, and for it to bite your neck.

(And then you die a horribly slow and very painful death.)