Sunday, August 23, 2009

Does this make me look fat?

What is the coolest thing you could wear to your departmental freshers' welcome at JUDE? Vote in the comments section please, for the wacky outfit of your choice.

1. In keeping with the icky-pink tradition.

Perhaps the general fluffiness is a bit much?


2. Green and chipper, then.

But enough with the animal motif. How about...........


3. This guy?


as opposed to this

which I, personally, cannot pull off.


4. Tradition demands that I go looking like this. And my friends say they are willing to risk being seen like this, too.



Um. No, bleh. But perhaps this?

I just asked Ma. She agrees that it's hard to sustain poses like this over long periods of time. However, if I want to frizz my hair and wear a strappy blouse she will be supportive as long as nothing falls apart. Which it inevitably will, so screw that.


5. As an afterthought, how about this?


It's happy, and freaky, and wacky, and silly, and more favorite words. But does it make me look fat, though, because the pink gorilla was rather slimming.


Vote please, for

a. The Fluffy Pink Gorilla
b. The Happy Frog
c. The Coolest Action-Figure Costume Ever
d. That Stupid Drape Thing
e. Clownface.

Vote fast, though. I'm depending on you to decide what will ultimately blow socks off.