Monday, October 12, 2009

The Joo

Good morning sunshine! I mean you, dear reader. Regardless of the time and place at which you see this, I insist on bringing you the image of a bright, sunny, scorching, sultry morning, offset by the glorious splendours of the JU campus. Oh the jheelpar. Oh worldview. Oh green zone. Oh the birds. Oh the guitars. Oh the sunlight glinting off the bald spots on everyone's favorite librarian's head.

I've become one of the Bad Ones, I'm sorry (and secretly extremely pleased) to say. I no longer study. My competitive zest has disappeared, gone without a trace into the musty storage room at the back of my conscience, along with the low-cal diet reminders and the plot-ideas that have been festering beside my heart for half a decade now. And who cares, as long as there's chocolate? There's always music and half-gone smoke and a little bit on the side, in between long walks and longer talks. And all of you who know what the deal is will get this. Charmed oblong, they call it. Probably because of the odd angles and the awkward corners. Lucky us.

Coded gibberish, you will be thinking. And in nine and a half cases out of ten, you'd be right. I do speak coded gibberish. I live coded gibberish. One might even go so far as to say that I AM, in fact, coded gibberish. And what of it? For once I'm making sense to myself. Is it my fault that my sense is nonsense? And even if it is, who dares to question the irrationality of someone who's clearly unhinged quite a bit already?

I'm mad, I tell you. Bonkers, nutty, oddball-ish, crazy, deranged and loony. I always have been, of course, but for the first time I feel really at home somewhere, and that'd be at the Joo. I love all you animals who make the going-back-everyday worth it. And I cannot believe my luck, come to think of it. Lamp-posts stay lit and upright for me.